Luxury Real Estate in Montreal Top Five Most Expensive Condominiums

Throughout its history, and especially in recent times, the metropolis of Montreal witnessed the development of several residential patterns as a result of the social and economic diversity of the local population. As a matter of fact, this diversity rubs off on the realm of real estate and establishes standards of residence acquisition. These criteria vary from economic parameters to personal tastes and preferences. Yet, a specific housing style has become an in vogue tendency within Montrealers: condominiums! Undoubtedly, condominiums offer a wide set of variations, which give Montreal dwellers the chance to choose what fits best both budget and taste. Of course, living in a new condo may sound, for many, like a supplementary expense due to the extra fees tenants and owners have to pay on a regular basis: building insurances, snow removal charges, co-ownership taxes… Indeed, the comfort of a modern architecture and the enjoyment of quality material have a price! Yet, there are a happy few who can afford to live in new luxury condos in Montreal without worrying about the financial weight of such property. Five luxurious properties are Montreal real estate’s attraction. The following top-five pick will get you there:

5- The lavish 2 900 000$ – not to mention fees and taxes – Magnificent PH condo in the Crystal tour downtown Montreal is a Sotheby’s jewel. This four closed bedrooms and two bathrooms is imposingly dominating De La Montagne Street. A fancy and rare to find in the heart of Montreal!

4 – No surprise, the Ritz Carlton residences take part of the show! A splendiferous marble floor welcomes your steps into a temple devoted to the finest tendencies of housing. The sound-proof property hosts some of the finest ornaments you can find at this level. Definitely, the Ritz Carlton proudly takes place in the zenith of luxurious new condos in Montreal.

3 – What can you get for 4 400 000$ in Sir George Simpson Residences? A masterpiece of architecture recalling the elegant and wealthy side of Canadian architectural history! The two bedroom condo includes a bathroom and a shower room; yet, a 300 000$ fee is necessary if you consider the acquisition of a two spot parking space and two storage lockers.

2- Located in the Sir Mortimer B. Davis building, the 5 900 000$ property is the most expensive condo of the Plateau area. Enjoying a semi-private elevator and original moulding, the 6300 square feet condo includes the very best of construction and living materials: Heated floors, high end appliances and a unique semi-Olympic indoor pool.

1- The award of the most expensive new condo in Montreal goes to… Roc Fleuri, of Giorgio Tartaglino! This wondrous property is Quebec’s most expensive condo on sale. Put on sale a year and a half ago, this 9 568 000$ monument of effulgence sparkles at the 2000 Drummond Street in Montreal. Last but not least, the building enjoys a 3600 square feet patio! For some, this might be the argument for an impulse buy!